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II Internacional
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II International Festival of Tecnoxamanismo (November 20-27, 2016 – Pará Village/Barra Velha – Caraiva – Bahia)

The II International Festival of Tecnoxamanismo comes out of a growing discourse surrounding the tecnoxamanismo network. This network is built around internet conversations concerning metacycling, underground media cultures (submidialogia), media tactics, digital culture, digitofagia and its art collectives, noisecracy (ruidocráticos), mechatronics, performance, permaculture, mediatized indigenous people, people of the earth and forest, and other groups involved with technology and ecology, who are engaged in the earth’s struggle! This festival is a call for participation from the indigenous Pataxó people.
To know more about the I Festival that was held in 2014 at Arraial d’Ajuda, click here. .


The challenge of the II Festival is different from that of the first festival, even if the framework is still the same: “How can we promote the meeting between ancestral (and futuristic) knowledge with modern (and obsolete) technology in order to build new technological practices, less devastating and more connected to the Earth?”

The first festival was hosted in a permaculture institute (ITAPECO) and was organized on the internet and in direct collaboration with the institution’s direction. We invited the indigenous Pataxó to engage with the festival and create specific proposals and demands, inside and outside of the indigenous community or of the festival.

For the II Festival, the invitation of the indigenous Pataxós will not be to collaborate outside, or in the neighborhood, but inside the indigenous communities themselves (the Pataxó villages Pará and Barra Velha), and this brings new challenges:

1. How do we create a dynamic in the festival that connects indigenous and non-indigenous people, generating exchanges of knowledge, festivities, the joys of mutual and cross-cultural experiences, the strengthening of indigenous resistance, and the engagement of non-indigenous people in techno-ecologist projects?

2- How do we promote partnerships that will allow the processes initiated in the festival to continue? Beyond the festival, how can we assure that these projects will be durable and sustainable inside and outside of the Paxató community?

3- How can we accomplish all of this without funding, institutional support, or money?

The Tecnoshamanist network offer four projects that are already been implemented inside the Pataxó community, for which we seek the maximum support from the participants during the Festival. They are:

1 – THE CONSTRUCTION OF 15 DRY TOILETS These will be built for the purpose of composting organic material to fertilize the Paxató lands, where we we are working toward the preservation of river sources, using agroforestry and reforestation based on the principles of permaculture.

This project is led by Jonatan Sola (from the tecnoxamanismo community) and Ubiratã Pataxó (Cacique of the village of Pará).

2 – THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A MUCÚA (NODE) OF BAOBÁXIA, an intranet and repository for the preservation of digital culture (connected with the Mocambos network, in the computer room of the Association of Pataxó Fishermen in Barra Velha. 4 of the association’s 14 computers were relocated to the Aldeia Pará, and a mucúa will be installed at both sites. The BAOBÁXIA installation will be deployed by Carsten Agger (of the Mocambos network) and Paty Pataxó (of Aldeia Velha).

3 – MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOPS (video, audio, image, text, fanzines) for the construction of a cultural archive as well as for the professional This project will be led by Rafael Frazão, Victor Guerra and Luiza Só (from the tecnoxamanismo network) and Crispiniana Pataxó (President of IPAP, Pataxó Institute of Pará village).

4 – THE INSTALLATION OF A WEB RADIO, with radio workshop, creation of collections, archival production, music selection, sound programming, and voice broadcasting. This project will be led by Fabiane M. Borges, Pedro Parrachia and Sue Nhamandu (from the tecnoxamanismo network) and Crispina Pataxó (Secretary of the Association of Residents of Aldeia Pará).

These project proposals were formed during the meetings with the Pataxó community in Barra Velha and Pará. The festival aspires to accomplish the demands of the indigenous people. We hope these creative and technological interventions will thrive and generate sustainable practices within the Pataxó community.

To make these four projects happen, we need your support to purchase materials such as: cables, wires, seeds, adobes, microphones, gasoline (for the cars of our participants and collaborators), hard drives, sound machines, machetes, outlets, lamps, extension cords, wifi access, antennas, and other materials and expenses necessary for their maintenance.

We count on your participation!! You know how it is difficult to make such projects take off, even more without government support and any institution. But that does not mean it will not happen, on the contrary, it is already happening !! We want your help to make it become effective until the II International Festival of Tecnoxamanismo, and then only get better.

Organization of the Festival: Akurinã Pataxó, Ubiratãn Pataxó, Pati Pataxó, Jabuticaba Pataxó, Fabiane M. Borges, Jonatan Sola and Team of tecnoxamanismo network.

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