Archives of Technoshamanism meeting Berlin/2016

Convocation: https://tecnoxamanismo.wordpress.com/2016/02/17/technoshamanism-meeting-in-berlin-19-202016/

Open Call: https://openport-b.titanpad.com/3

Radio program: https://archive.org/details/technoshamanism-meeting-berlin-2016

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22405820@N08/albums/72157665017559186

Baobáxia Channel videos/audios/fotos:  http://baobaxia.modspil.dk/#mocambos/hyndla/bbx/search/Tecnoxamanismo%20em%20Berl%C3%ADm


Video 1 – NANO (Nucleus of art and New Organisms) in the Technoshamanism Meeting in Berlin – 2016 http://www.nano.eba.ufrj.br


Video 2 – Dissolution – Alchemy Process – Martin Howse

Video 3 – Raspberry robot workshop and installation  with Peggy Sylopp


Video 4 – 30 minutes of Do It Yourself Ritual –


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